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Word Worksheets PDF Worksheets *
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Assignments *
Why should donors support you? (Case for Giving) worddoc_01.doc
Take a few minutes to answer these questions on the downloadable Word Document worddoc_02.doc
Tax Benefits of a Charitable Gift worddoc_03.doc
Prospecting Sheet worddoc_04.doc
Prospect Rating Key worddoc_05.doc
Sample Prospect Profile worddoc_06.doc
How Much Can Individuals Give? worddoc_07.doc
Examples & Ideas for Nine Cultivation Contacts worddoc_08.doc
Cultivation Plan for Prospective Donor worddoc_09.doc
Cultivation Idea worddoc_10.doc
Sample Pledge Card worddoc_11.doc
Flexible Gift Chart excel doc_12.xls
Examples of how to say Thank you 7 Ways!! worddoc_13.doc
Examples of how to help donors see the impact of their gift worddoc_14.doc
Sample Fund Development Plan worddoc_15.doc
Assignment: Compare what you do for grant writing and what you will do for private sector fundraising. Do you see how similar it is?  

Online Resources *
Association of Fundraising Professionals - AFP International - advancing philanthropy through education, training and advocacy
Canadian Fundraiser - news, informed comment & best practices in Canadian fund development
CFRE International (Certified Fund Raising Executive)
ARNOVA (Association for Research on Non Profit Organizations and Voluntary Action)
Non-Profit & Voluntary Sector Network
The Philanthropist
The Foundation Centre
Stanford Social Innovation Review
Customs and Revenue Charities Information
Council on Foundations
Leave a Legacy Manitoba
Community Foundations of Canada
National Philanthropy Day Manitoba
Canadian Association of Gift Planners (CAGP)
Association for Healthcare Philanthropy (AHP)
Association for Professional Researchers for Advancement - Canada (APRA-Canada)
Imagine Canada (Canadian Centre for Philanthropy)
Charity Village
Charity Channel
Giving and
reBOOT Ottawa

Books *
Adams, Michael. Sex in the Snow. Canada: Penguin Books, 1997
Axelrod, Terry, Raising More Money. Seattle: Raising More Money Publishers, 2000.
Burnett, Ken. Relationship Fundraising. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass, 2002
Henry A. Rosso, and Associates, Eugene R. Temple, Editor. Achieving Excellence in Fund Raising, San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass Publishers, 2nd ed., 2003.
Williams, Karla A. Donor Focused Strategies for Annual Giving. Aspen Fundraising Series. 1997.
Weinstein, Stanley. The Complete Guide to Fund-Raising Management, New York, NY: John Wiley & Sons. Inc, 1999.

Tips *
Tip: †Otherwise, if you are researching†grant opportunities, visit Imagine Canada and sign up for their Canadian Directory to Foundations and Corporations†at:
Tip:†If your archive has revenue under $100,000, then you are eligible to use the Directory Starter Kit. at Imagine Canada This allows you a one time opportunity to get five foundation and five business profiles.
TIP: Canada Revenue and Customs has up to date information and brochures available on their website. See: The Canadian Association of Gift Planners also has information about tax credits for certain gifts. See:
Tip: To find out what the tax benefits are for individuals in your own province check your local United Way website.
Tip: When getting ready to ask donors to make a contribution to your archives, remember the reasons people give and try to position your ask to meet the donors needs.
Tip: To learn more about foundations in Canada click on the following websites. :
Tip: If you have a donor who wants to make a non cash gift to your archive and you are unsure how to handle it, please contact Pat Hardy at†or at 204 944-1139 for advice.
Tip: You can find the names of donors by looking in annual reports on websites or on the donor lists displayed inside an organization. This is public information so feel free to use it.
Tip: Celebrate when a prospective donor says they wonít give you a gift now. This could mean they will give at a different time or for a different reason. Just because someone says they do not wish to give a gift to your archives at this time doesnít mean they wonít next time you ask. Use the prospects reaction to fine-tune your Case for Giving.
Tip: In Year One you may choose to set activity goals based on identifying and cultivating a certain number of prospects that will be asked to make a gift in year two. Try to keep your goals realistic- itís more fun to be successful and volunteers will be better motivated if they have success instead of falling short of a goal by a small amount.
Tip: To find out what the tax benefits are for individuals in your own province check your local United Way website.
Tip: Activity is not cultivation. Avoid the potential trap of mistaking the process of cultivation for simple entertainment. Use cultivation activities to further a relationship and ensure: :
  • Activities are strategies to move our prospect from prospect to donor
  • Activity is a meaningful engagement of, or interaction with a prospect
  • Activity must penetrate the consciousness of the prospect regarding the archive or a giving opportunity
  • The fundraiser learns something about the prospect and the possible giving opportunity

Cultivation of donors is a total philosophy and not a series of isolated events. It requires a systematic method for cultivating the relationships


Success Stories *