Table of Contents

Lesson Description

  1. Answer the question, “Why fundraise for your archive?”
  2. Gain an understanding of fundraising lingo (A Glossary of Terms)
  3. Identify your archive’s strengths from the donor's perspective
  4. Understand the history of philanthropy in Canada
  5. Understand what the history of philanthropy has to do with fundraising for your archive?
  6. Gain an understanding of where private sector support comes from in Canada
  7. Understand what private sector donors like to support in Canada
  8. Understand why private donors give charitable donations
  9. Identify what types of gifts private sector donors may give and how they can pay for them
  10. Understand the tax benefits for individual donors
  11. Match your needs to prospective donors
  12. Understand how to get prospective donors ready to make a gift to your archives
  13. Gain an understanding of how to approach different prospective donors
  14. Identify ways to set your fundraising goals
  15. Understand what kind of things you can do to thank, recognize and steward your donors once they make a charitable gift
  16. See how private sector fundraising is similar to grant writing for government sources of revenue
  17. Gain a basic understanding of  how to develop a fundraising plan for your archives

Tools and Resources

  1. Worksheets and Documents
  2. Assignments
  3. Other Resources
  4. Success stories