What if fundraising doesn’t seem to be my thing?

Asking a person for money face-to-face is an acquired taste. Few people love to do it initially and in fact, most people are afraid to do it. If you are afraid to ask for money, that's normal. You might want to visit the Tools and Resources section to be inspired by the success stories of your colleagues across Canada.

Is there someone at the Canadian Council of Archives (CCA) who can help me in my fundraising activities?

In addition to the CCA Preservation Committee volunteers, for a limited time CCA will have the services of a professional fundraiser available to answer your questions. Please send us your questions at lcharlebois@archivescanada.ca and we will do our best to get you the answers that you need.†Please note that CCA reserves the right to add your question and the answer to our list of FAQs to help others in their fundraising activities.†You will not be identified if we use your question/answer in this FAQ section.

Do I need to buy fundraising software?

Fundraising software can help organizations to manage their donors prospects, donations and events.†Sometimes you just canít look far enough ahead and it is hard to predict what type of information you may need to collect. When a simple Excel spreadsheet or Access database no longer meets your tracking needs, it might be time to look at buying a fundraising software program, but this isnít always necessary until fundraising becomes a major focus for your organization.