3 Several publications present criteria aimed at helping archivists select records for digitization projects. Notable among these are Ayris (1998), Colombia University (1998), De Stefano in Kenney and Rieger (2000), Gertz (1999), Menne-Haritz ant Brübach (1999) as well as Vogt-O'Connor in Sitts (2000).   

4 Including the application of preventive conservation measures and, if necessary, the conservation treatment of records.  

5 The institution must develop a rigorous quality control process for three stages of the project: first, during the preparation of a specifications document, irregardless whether the work is done within the institution or by the private sector; second, during key steps in the project; and third, during the delivery of the final product.  

6 Concerning technical specifications and their impact on achieving project objectives with relation to available resources, see Chapman in Sitts (2000), Fleischauer (1998), Kenney in Kenney and Rieger (2000), Price-Wilkin in Kenney and Rieger (2000), Puglia and Roginski (1998), Puglia (1999), and Puglia and Sitts (2000). On quality control, the reader should consult Rieger in Kenney and Rieger (2000).  

7 Institutions who intend to scan textual documents using optical character recognition must use a density which meets project objectives.       

8 Problems associated with preserving digital formats are elaborated in many of texts listed in the bibliography with this document. The substitution of analog documents with digital surrogates is not recommended as the current state of technology does not yet offer sufficient guarantees for the long-term survival of digital formats. However, there are exceptions to this rule. The substitution or analog audio-visual documents with digital formats is foreseeable if the equipment necessary to read the analog formats will become obsolete and if the physical supports for analog audio-visual documents will no longer be available in the marketplace. It will be necessary, therefore, that the parent organization of the institution commit to maintaining, over the long-term, the digitization/preservation program that has been established. On that matter, read Besser (2001), Murphy (1997) and Paton (1998).  

9 Concerning the question of risk management, read Conway in Sitts (2000) and Lawrence (2000).  




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