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The National Archival Development Program (NADP) is a financial assistance programme of Library and Archives Canada (LAC) and administered by the Canadian Council of Archives (CCA).

The NADP provides contribution funding to Canadian archival organizations to increase their capacity to preserve and make accessible archival materials about Canada and Canadians. The National Archival Development Program (NADP) identifies five national goals. Over the five years of the NADP, archives across Canada will work to make progress against these goals.

One of these goals is “increase the capacity of archival networks to undertake strategic and development activities.” Under point two of this goal “the significance of the project or activity in adding strategic capacity or resources to increase the effectiveness of archival institutions and organizations” recognizes the contribution of the archives advisory services programme as a capacity building programme.


To maximize the impact of resources available to the Canadian archival community, advisors from across Canada have established a working group to share expertise, assist in planning further strategic development and provide standardized tools and resources throughout the country.

To contribute to the viability of the Canadian archival system, the working group will seek to support collaboration amongst archives and councils in the Canadian archival community to increase the effect of their activities.

Terms of Reference


  1. To undertake the strategic development of resources such as standardized tools and make these available through the country.
  2. To provide a forum to foster the professional development of archival advisory services.
  3. To address the crucial need of all provinces/territories, organizations and agencies for sustained and stable archives advisory services that help ensure the preservation of, and access to, Canadian archival resources.
  4. To be a source of information and create awareness about the archival community throughout the country.

Accountability: Collectively to the Board of Directors of the CCA and individually to the provincial territories and/or councils and associations employing the advisors.

Composition: Individuals employed by provincial and territorial councils to provide advisory services or a designated contact in jurisdictions that have no advisor(s).

Chair: To be appointed by the CCA Board of Directors, upon recommendation by the members of the working group.

Terms of Office: The Chair will be appointed for a two year term (renewable), or as appropriate to the duration of his/her term as advisor or a designated contact.

Frequency of Meetings: Monthly by telephone conference, until June 2007, and quarterly thereafter. Funding permitting, an annual in-person meeting may be held following the CCA Annual General Meeting.

Staff Liaison: CCA Executive Director.

Work plan: A work plan will be prepared and submitted on an annual basis to the Board of Directors for approval.

Reporting: A report will be prepared and submitted in advance of each CCA Board meeting. An annual report will be submitted to the CCA membership at the AGM by the Chair(s) of the working group.

Review: This document will be reviewed annually to ensure its relevance by the working committee and the CCA Board of Directors.

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